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H24 is An Advanced Technology, Power Productivity and Energy Security Solution Provider - A Diversified Energy Group - A Fuel and Power Asset Manager ... Our commercial strategy and focus is to define a market presence as a leading supplier and integrator of innovative distributed power, energy storage, fuel and power productivity solutions:

H24 offers both effective and emerging technologies, complete solutions - life cycle assessment, sustainable development and asset management services - H24 works with our lead technology, JV and innovation partners to develop, source and deploy an empowering range of systems, facilities and solutions for the industrial, commercial and community power and clean fuel delivery sectors....
H24 Hydrogen

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H24's branding, solutions and services represent our full commitment to empower low carbon sustainable development and progressive change - Our products, systems and facilities are designed to cater for your operational power, clean fuel and / or mobility re-fueling requirements...

H24's Facilities, Power Plants and Distributed Energy Systems Serve An Establishment, Designated Region or Catchment Area. H24's Re-Fueling - On Demand Fuel Systems, Fuel Stations and Ports cater for Individual Vehicles, 24 Hour Commercial Fleet or Public Access. H24 looks to deliver safe and efficient fuel and power supply solutions for New Energy, Power to Gas, Power to Grid and Mobility Infrastructure Development's

        Utility, New Energ and Mobility Sector
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On Demand Power • Clean Fuels • Clean Energy Systems • Hydrogen Solutions • Environmental Controls       

H24 consults with our clients to optimize efficiency, productivity and ROI (ie. the investment return on your fuel, power, new energy and mobility requirements....) Providing added value and TBL (Triple Bottom Line) savings - H24 offers complete "Turn-Key" services to develop and deliver sustainable development, sustainable mobility and energy security solutions for Governments, Regional Authorities, Industries, Enterprise and Community Projects...

Whether it be a renewable / new energy or utility scale project, on trailer-delivered system, permanent on-site power generation or CHP plant, a Fuel Station or On Demand Power / Fuel delivery facility generated by Integrated Renewables, Plasma Power - Waste to Energy or Biomass Gasification, Natural Gas, Hydrogen Rich Synthesis Gas or Water Electrolysis and Fuel Cell combination, H24 can design, construct and supply the best solution to "Power Your Environment"

H24 Head Office: Cardiff, South Wales, UK
Energy Security - Sustainable Asset Development
Environmental Energy Engineering & Consulting

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